ASWEC 2014 – Now with Education Track

The Australasian Software Engineering Conference has been around for 23 years and, while there have been previous efforts to add more focus on education, this year we’re very pleased to have a full day on Education on Wednesday, the 9th of April. (Full disclosure: I’m the Chair of the program committee for the Education track. This is self-advertising of a sort.) The speakers include a number of exciting software engineering education researchers and practitioners, including Dr Claudia Szabo, who recently won the SIGCSE Best Paper Award for a paper in software engineering and student projects.

Here’s the invitation from the conference chair, Professor Alan Fekete – please pass this on as far as you can!:

We invite all members of the Australasian computing community to ASWEC2014, the Australasian Software Engineering Conference, which will be held at VIBE hotel in Milson’s Point, Sydney, on April 7-10, 2014.
The conference program is at Highlights include
  • Keynote by a leader of SE research, Prof Gail Murphy (UBC, Canada) on Getting to Flow in Software Development.
  • Keynote by Alan Noble (Google) on Innovation at Google.
  • Sessions on Testing, Software Ecosystems, Requirements, Architecture, Tools, etc, with speakers from around Australia and overseas, from universities and industry, that bring a wide range of perspectives on software development.
  • An entire day  (Wed April 9) focused on SE Education, including keynote by Jean-Michel Lemieux (Atlassian) on Teaching Gap: Where’s the Product Gene?
Register at Single-day registration is available. The conference is colocated with WICSA  (International Conference on Software Architecture) and immediately preceded by an SEI course on software architecture
We look forward to seeing many of you at ASWEC2014!


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