Most assessment’s ugly

Ed challenged me: distill my thinking! In three words? Ok, Ed, fine: most assessment’s ugly. 

Why is that? (Three word answers. Yes, I’m cheating.)

  1. It’s not authentic. 
  2. There’s little design. 
  3. Wrong Bloom’s level.
  4. Weak links forward.
  5. Weak links backward. 
  6. Testing not evaluating.
  7. Marks not feedback. 
  8. Not learning focused. 
  9. Deadlines are rubbish. 
  10. Tradition dominates innovation. 

How was that? 

And I’m out.

3 Comments on “Most assessment’s ugly”

  1. David Butler says:

    The only one where I’m not sure what you mean is “testing not evaluating”. Can you tell us more about what that means?

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    • nickfalkner says:

      That was the hard one! A lot of assessment is put in place to meet a requirement to test (from obligation or to collect not useful measures) rather than an intention to genuinely evaluate learning, guide progress and also provide evaluation of the success of the design and implementation of the course.


  2. bicandabiro says:

    I totally agree.


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