More MOOCs! (Still writing up ICER, sorry!)

The Gates Foundation is offering grants for MOOCs in Introductory Classes. I mentioned in an earlier post that if we can show that MOOCs work, then generally available and cheap teaching delivery is a fantastically transformative technology. You can read the press release but it’s obvious that this has some key research questions in it, much as we’ve all been raising:

The foundation wants to know, for instance, which students benefit most from MOOC’s (sic) and which kinds of courses translate best to that format.

Yes! If these courses do work then for whom do they work and which courses? There’s little doubt that the Gates have been doing some amazing things with their money and this looks promising – of course, now I have to find out if my University has been invited to join and, if so, how I can get involved. (Of course, if they haven’t, then it’s time to put on my dancing trousers and try to remedy that situation.)

However, money plus research questions is a good direction to go in.

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