Educating Women: A Global Priority

This came through my Facebook feed and I wanted to share it with you (if you haven’t already seen it).


If you can read, write and perform arithmetic then you are in a far better position with a much greater chance of being able to control your own life and that’s why education is such an important tool if we are to empower everyone.

When you are educated, you do not need to depend upon anyone else to tell you what something means or how much of something you are entitled to.

When you are educated, you can ask the difficult questions that are needed to be asked, the first of which is often “Why am I treated this way because of the way that I was born?” And this is an important step towards empowerment.

The global educational initiative depends upon getting education everywhere and valuing education. The key to that, in many countries, is empower women and give them access to education.

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