ITiCSE 2014, Closing Session, #ITiCSE #ITiCSE2014

Well, thanks for reading over the last three days, I hope it’s been interesting. I’ve certainly enjoyed it and, tadahh, here we are at the finish line to close off the conference. Mats opened the session and is a bit sad because we’re at the end but reflected on the work that has gone into it with Åsa, his co-chair. Tony and Arnold were thanked for being the Program Chairs and then Arnold insisted upon thanking us as well, which is nice. I have to start writing a paper for next year, apparently. Then there were a lot of thanks, with the occasional interruption of a toy car being dropped. You should go to the web site because there are lots of people mentioned there. (Student volunteers got done twice to reflect their quality and dedication.)

Some words on ITiCSE 2015, which will be held next year in Vilnius, Lithuania from the 6th of July. There are a lot of lakes in Lithuania, apparently, and there’s something about the number of students in Sweden which I didn’t get. So, come to Lithuania because there are lots of students and a number of lakes.

The conference chairs got a standing ovation, which embarrassed me slightly because I had my laptop out so I had to give them a crouching ovation to avoid tipping the machine on to the floor that nearly stripped a muscle off the bone, so kudos, organisers.

That’s it. We’re done. See you later, everyone!

One Comment on “ITiCSE 2014, Closing Session, #ITiCSE #ITiCSE2014”

  1. Mark Guzdial says:

    Thanks so much for the series, Nick! I enjoyed following along from a distance!


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