Creative Innovations 2012

So much to blog about from the conventicle but, surprise!, I’m not at home, I’m in a hotel preparing to attend the first day the Creative Innovations 2012 conference. I have a ‘wild card’ entry (sponsored ticket) courtesy  of the Vice President of Services and Resources of my University and I’m really looking forward to it.

This is not a free lunch. (Readers of fine literature will know that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.) I need to look at the activities of the next three days through a lens that could bring five concrete proposals back to the University. I must be honest – I had been expecting something like this because it’s too good an opportunity to go to waste. Take a group of people from the Uni and throw them into a giant melting pot of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers… well, you’d hope to get at least five ideas!

Our Uni is a big place, with many complex systems, so I’ll definitely have my thinking cap on for the next few days!

This entry is short because I suspect I’ll be live blogging quite extensively tomorrow.

And I have my conventicle notes to write up as well.

Expect a lot from me over the next few days!

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