Other views on HERDSA – Katrina’s Blog

A very quick one here. I tend to write long, somewhat editorial and personalised, posts on conferences and I realise that this approach is not for everyone. Katrina’s blog has a (generally) much briefer, to the point, style that comes with a reading list so that you can look at the core of the presentation and then go and explore it a bit more for yourself. I realise I’ve linked to it before but often at the end of long posts so you may have missed it as your eyes glaze over. 🙂

It’s another view of HERDSA and educational research that I find really helpful, especially as she puts in far more links than I do! (I’m trying to fix this in my own posts.) Hope that you find it useful as well.

(Edit: The original link was wrong and the link has now been fixed. Apologies!)

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