It’s getting more opinionated!

The next few posts will feature some more opinion, some of which border on the implications of reducing government teacher funding. Some of you, politically, may find that distasteful but it is pretty mild.

I try to keep my politics out of this blog however, much as Wikipedia took steps to address something that it saw as a threat to its existence, I’m not sure there’s anything overtly political about opposing measures that would destroy the future of education or my career.

Either way, now you know.

To give you a constructive reason for reading this post, I’m currently reading ‘Visualise This’ by Nathan Yau – the definitive ‘how-to’ guide for data scientists who want to take the noisy, difficult-to-work-with numbers that they have and turn them into convincing and accurate visualisations. Be warned! Once you start going down this path, you may learn R, or python. Worse, you may enjoy it!

If you’re a teacher and you’re looking for something to keep the advanced kids busy, get them to take an area of public record data and turn it into visualisations that they then present to the class to see if everyone can work out what they’re talking about. It’s a good lesson that context is not always transferable and can really help guide people in how they communicate with other people. You can get all of the software that you need for free, for whatever platform – why not give it a try?

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