Teaching in Hong Kong, Day 7

I write today’s post over a cup of chamomile tea, as I’m taking a break from preparing for the next stages of the course and also doing some work on an ongoing research project. Like many (most) research-active academics, the contribution to research and the requirement to keep on plugging away never quite stops, wherever I am in the world. What is great, however, is that working with an active small group for teaching is quite energising, although it is intensive teaching, so I’m usually in a very positive mood for the afternoon’s continuing work. (Hooray!)

We went through the introduction to the network layer today and finished up with a small lab on practical use of this knowledge. It’s quite a lot to go through in this short a time (this sequence of lectures would usually take a week and a half) so there are additional materials, including podcasts, that I provide to make this easier. I recorded these some time ago but they have proved very useful as this section of the course “sticks” at different rates for different people.

As it happened, I had a producer working with me, so I narrated the slides and they were fused together post recording. These days I’d just use Camtasia but it’s very interesting to think of the techniques that we are still using up to just a few years ago. Now, between Explain Everything and Camtasia, I basically have a one-man recording studio!

No pictures today but we’re going to meet up with the Hong Kong Alumni of our University tomorrow down in Kowloon, which will be a great opportunity for our students to meet people who, with an Adelaide degree, are making their way in Hong Kong. Lots of great opportunities on this trip for everyone!

(I’ll pop up a picture of the Alumni magazine, The Roar, as I can’t find any HK chapter pictures.)

Image from Adelaide onLion site. © The University of Adelaide, 2014.

Image from Adelaide onLion site. © The University of Adelaide, 2014.

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