Achievement Unlocked: First Month

When I decided to start a new blog, I committed to posting something every day. As I got busier, that got harder. Some of the things I noted in this blog were because WordPress’s encouragement mechanisms didn’t gel with my idea of what I thought encouragement should look like. I realised that I had to give a year to this to see how it panned out and, when I realised this, it was a very intimidating thought. How can I make it a whole year? 366 comments as a minimum? Süskind’s Perfume is only 100,000 characters long and I could accidentally write that in a year on this blog!

And, yet, here we are on the 1st of February and I’ve posted at least one post a day for the whole of January.

Now it seems manageable. Of course, this gives me insight as to how I can help my students to see how big projects can be managed, how intensive workload can be shouldered – how things can be achieved.

I’m always learning. I think that’s why I strive to get better as a teacher.

Thank you for reading, following, liking and commenting!

Has it been easy? No. Worth it? Yes!

One Comment on “Achievement Unlocked: First Month”

  1. Darlena says:

    We call that “chunking” here in the elementary grades: breaking big things off into smaller, manageable bites. Good luck on your daily posting!


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