Brief Admin Notice: If You Looked Like Spam I Just Bulk-Deleted You

My spam folder had hit over 200 messages, as I’ve been doing a lot of updates via the iPad and it’s more work to clean up the spam from there, hence an executive decision was made to flush the lot without reading. The spam filter is pretty good and I’m pretty confident I didn’t throw away anything real – but if you did send me something and you haven’t had a reply (or my silence doesn’t make sense) then please drop me a line.

Thank you!

3 Comments on “Brief Admin Notice: If You Looked Like Spam I Just Bulk-Deleted You”

  1. 200 spam messages is about 3 days worth for me. I stopped trying to fish stuff out of the spam ages ago. If people send me stuff that looks like spam, I never see it.


    • nickfalkner says:

      Yes, but you’re read a lot more than I am, I suspect. 200 spam is the ‘highlight’ of my untended spam queue. 🙂


      • I was getting nearly that much spam (about 50/day) even before I started blogging. It comes from having one’s email address publicly on the web in places that spammers get email addresses from.
        The spam on my blog (separate from my e-mail spam) is only about 100/week, and I let delete it for me.


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