Tomorrow is the start of SIGCSE

(Edit: When I posted this, I misjudged the timezone adjustment. The first activity of SIGCSE is Wednesday night, which would have been tomorrow had I posted this on US time. My apologies for anyone who panicked when they read this.)

SIGCSE is the Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education and the group has an annual conference that is one of the best you can get to, in terms of the talks that you’ll hear and the people that you’ll be able to talk to. (Assuming they’re not all trying to talk to someone else!) Katrina and I have had a paper accepted for the SIGCSE conference and Raja, Zbyszek and I have had a workshop accepted as well. It’s fantastic to have been accepted here, especially for two activities, but, at the same time, it’s a little nerve-wracking. Tomorrow night, the first workshops start and that marks the beginning of the conference.

The posts for the next few days are going to be much more ‘live’ than they have been. Quite often I write up a blog post in advance because I get some time and like to put enough posts into the queue that a busy day doesn’t have to fit a 30-60 minute writing session into the evening! For the next few days, I’m going to try and turn my notes from the conference into something approaching useful blog posts.

Watch here for (what I hope is) some interesting and very current information on good practice, novel approaches and carefully edited accounts of my somewhat inept conversations with the luminaries in our field. 🙂

(In the spirit of true confession, this post was written on the 19th, because I wasn’t sure what internet access was going to be like leading up to attendance at SIGCSE. In fact, everything from the 21st on has been pre-written and coming out of the can because of pre-travel business and travel uncertainty. Seriously, blogging like this does focus the mind!)

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